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If You Give A Banker A Bail-Out

If You Give A Banker A Bail-Out

For those who say that the with the never ending wars the Defense Department should go back to being called the War Department, I want to point out the the Defense Department is defending. It’s just that they don’t defend America. They defend corporate interests, mostly of non-US corporations, cough Halliburton cough (Pardon me. I had something awful in my throat.)and their external slave holdings. I mean plantations. I mean neo-liberal impoverishment. I mean foreign investments, yeah that’s the one, the “foreign investments” of the uber rich. As a secondary function, though an important secondary function, they prop up the multi-trillion dollar arms industry. Why if we didn’t blow up brown people sitting in the way of petroleum interests, how would we ever begin using up all of those bombs. If we didn’t use those bombs, why we wouldn’t need to buy replacements. If we don’t buy replacements, then economic pressures might ease up enough for people to have jobs. If people have jobs, they pay their bills, on time even. If people pay their bills on time, then there’s no outlandish fees. If there are no outlandish fees, there’s no corporate junkets. If there’s no corporate junkets there’s no legal and easy way to bribe congressmen. If you can’t bribe congressmen, there’s no corporate bail-outs. If there’s no corporate bail-outs, corporations stop gambling. If corporations stop gambling, there’s no way for the bankers to collect the vig. If bankers can’t collect the vig they have to work for a living. If banksters have to start working for a living- let’s stop right there. The horror. The unmitigated horror. Bankers having to actually work like everyone else? This line of thinking has gone too far.


We need to come from the brink of insanity. If bankers had to work, there’d be so much real work being done, everyone would have a job. There’d be peace and prosperity across the globe. The brotherhood of mankind would enter a new renaissance. There’s be actual cures for real diseases. All people would have access to clean water, and the more than adequate food supplies of the world be available to all people. With a golden age of Planet Earth upon us, peace would break out everywhere. With everyone calling their neighbor brother and an end to ever more callous ways destroy them no longer being built to prop up an arms industry that has to pay back bankers, how would we ever kill off all the brown people?


My God, Africans not starving and being able to use the vast wealth of Africa for themselves. South Americans not being forced to sell themselves and their offspring into eternal debt slavery, but being free to trade openly upon the pioneering work of their early geneticists. We certainly wouldn’t want them taking the position that since we’re into patenting life, they should be able to claim royalties on corn. That would never do.


With all the money people had from not paying interest to the bankers, they might do things like invest in themselves by creating a decentralized yet interconnected system of green power generation. With everyone having their own power supply how are you supposed to get them to pick up the tab for multi-billion dollar nuclear installations. If the bankers pet building contractors can’t provide kick backs, where are the funds to bribe politicians going to come from? How are you going to extract maximum interest profits from utility companies when they can’t squeeze every penny from the poor and miserable? How do you force working people to pay you to clean up at their expense the pollution your other LLC, now defunct (but not the money you raided from the pension fund before you pushed them under. Am I right or am I right? Heh-heh-heh) created in pursuit of maximum profits to pay the bankers if you haven’t had a chance to pollute anything?


Obviously it’s better to keep things as they are. We must protect the bankers at all costs! Always at cost plus interest of course. The bankers need their interest. Addicts need their drugs. Bankers need their vig. It’s just that you should remember to be mad at the addicts, because after all if you just sit in your house not hurting anyone but yourself, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. Don’t make Lord Blankfein do God’s work alone. Get out there and rape some countries. Go kill some people. Boo-yah.


USA! USA! (The USA trademark is owned by Wall Street LLC. USA inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Reserve, a private holding group, and not to be confused with anything owned by the American people. They do not own squat, and therefore do not count.)


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