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If You Give A Banker A Bail-Out

If You Give A Banker A Bail-Out

For those who say that the with the never ending wars the Defense Department should go back to being called the War Department, I want to point out the the Defense Department is defending. It’s just that they don’t defend America. They defend corporate interests, mostly of non-US corporations, cough Halliburton cough (Pardon me. I had something awful in my throat.)and their external slave holdings. I mean plantations. I mean neo-liberal impoverishment. I mean foreign investments, yeah that’s the one, the “foreign investments” of the uber rich. As a secondary function, though an important secondary function, they prop up the multi-trillion dollar arms industry. Why if we didn’t blow up brown people sitting in the way of petroleum interests, how would we ever begin using up all of those bombs. If we didn’t use those bombs, why we wouldn’t need to buy replacements. If we don’t buy replacements, then economic pressures might ease up enough for people to have jobs. If people have jobs, they pay their bills, on time even. If people pay their bills on time, then there’s no outlandish fees. If there are no outlandish fees, there’s no corporate junkets. If there’s no corporate junkets there’s no legal and easy way to bribe congressmen. If you can’t bribe congressmen, there’s no corporate bail-outs. If there’s no corporate bail-outs, corporations stop gambling. If corporations stop gambling, there’s no way for the bankers to collect the vig. If bankers can’t collect the vig they have to work for a living. If banksters have to start working for a living- let’s stop right there. The horror. The unmitigated horror. Bankers having to actually work like everyone else? This line of thinking has gone too far.


We need to come from the brink of insanity. If bankers had to work, there’d be so much real work being done, everyone would have a job. There’d be peace and prosperity across the globe. The brotherhood of mankind would enter a new renaissance. There’s be actual cures for real diseases. All people would have access to clean water, and the more than adequate food supplies of the world be available to all people. With a golden age of Planet Earth upon us, peace would break out everywhere. With everyone calling their neighbor brother and an end to ever more callous ways destroy them no longer being built to prop up an arms industry that has to pay back bankers, how would we ever kill off all the brown people?


My God, Africans not starving and being able to use the vast wealth of Africa for themselves. South Americans not being forced to sell themselves and their offspring into eternal debt slavery, but being free to trade openly upon the pioneering work of their early geneticists. We certainly wouldn’t want them taking the position that since we’re into patenting life, they should be able to claim royalties on corn. That would never do.


With all the money people had from not paying interest to the bankers, they might do things like invest in themselves by creating a decentralized yet interconnected system of green power generation. With everyone having their own power supply how are you supposed to get them to pick up the tab for multi-billion dollar nuclear installations. If the bankers pet building contractors can’t provide kick backs, where are the funds to bribe politicians going to come from? How are you going to extract maximum interest profits from utility companies when they can’t squeeze every penny from the poor and miserable? How do you force working people to pay you to clean up at their expense the pollution your other LLC, now defunct (but not the money you raided from the pension fund before you pushed them under. Am I right or am I right? Heh-heh-heh) created in pursuit of maximum profits to pay the bankers if you haven’t had a chance to pollute anything?


Obviously it’s better to keep things as they are. We must protect the bankers at all costs! Always at cost plus interest of course. The bankers need their interest. Addicts need their drugs. Bankers need their vig. It’s just that you should remember to be mad at the addicts, because after all if you just sit in your house not hurting anyone but yourself, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. Don’t make Lord Blankfein do God’s work alone. Get out there and rape some countries. Go kill some people. Boo-yah.


USA! USA! (The USA trademark is owned by Wall Street LLC. USA inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Reserve, a private holding group, and not to be confused with anything owned by the American people. They do not own squat, and therefore do not count.)


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Tropico 3 Crash on Start – Fix

A fix for all the people who can’t find a solution to the terribly picky game Tropico 3. I love the game, but had a terrible time getting it to work after a crash. The solution you’re looking for with a Tropico 3 that crashes on start is in the registry. Even one corrupt registry entry in windows (particularly 7, and vista) is enough to derail Tropico 3’s load routine. You need a registry cleaner. I grabbed one from cnet downloads for free. Use the uninstall program from windows instead of from kalypso (the makers of Tropico 3). Then rune the registry cleaner. Reinstall Tropico 3.

btw Still play the original occasionally. Great game.

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The Ides of March at The Huffington Post

The Ides of March at  The Huffington Post

I guess Arianna Huffington really is a Democrat, and I can prove it. Do an X-Ray of her back and you’ll find that the supporting structure is a gelatin product. She can disagree with Governor Ventura’s questions all she wants. She could put up a disclaimer that she disagreed completely with him asking questions. Instead she runs to censor questions that could lead to questions that might involve a conspiracy. When some of us “little people” ask questions, I guess we should know that our “betters” know what’s best. Of course Bush and company always told the complete and unadulterated truth about everything. Outside of their unswerving support for honesty and openness in government, the Bush administration was nothing but the paramount of virtue. So we need to sit down and shut up. Only anarchists, I mean commies, I mean liberals, I mean terrorists would question the government.

I’m tired of being a good boy, and shutting up. So are a lot of people. Our hackles are up. We’re tired of our friends and family being ground up for the Repugnicrats wars. We don’t care that you’ve impoverished the Afghan people to that point that they have no choice but to be the CIA’s drug supplieri, and how much you want to keep them under thumb . We’re pretty well convinced that just leaving them alone would be better than continuing to bomb their mud huts. By the same token it is pretty well believed that letting Iraqis harvest their own seeds, as they’ve done since before recorded history, instead of paying Monsanto, might be better for themii. There’s a chance that the Iraqis would like to be in charge of their own wateriii, or God forbid their own oiliv. Maybe, just maybe the country with the second highest concentration of dentists on the planet could run things on their own if we didn’t impose crippling sanctions that murdered half a million childrenv (Democrat imposed), or a war of aggression that murdered another million plusvi. Some of us knew that it was all lies. We knew Bush and Rumsfield et al were lying to the countryvii. We knew that it was an overt ploy to gather more money for their croniesviii. Some of us even suspected that there were important pieces on the geo-political chess board being moved aboutix, but we were ignored before and after. Of course though we immediately saw the new Democrat administration right the wrongs.

Since the Democrats no longer needed to play out the war to make sure they could game more seats at election time with the lives of brown people half a world away, they’ve gone into overdrive righting the wrongs. Since they were swept into power, they’ve pulled our troops home. What they didn’t? They closed Guantanamo? They didn’t you say? They’ve closed down the CIA black sitesx and started prosecuting confessed torturersxi, as required not only under mountains of treaties, but simple human decency? No? Hmm. How about some stuff for Americans, like rolling back the banksters billions? The Dems upped it to trillions you sayxii? So they convicted the telcoms for running an American Stasixiii? No? I don’t understand. What about net neutrality? I mean it’s such a little thing? Secret closed door meetings with the White House where Obama rolls over for the RIAA/MPAA you sayxiv? Hmmm.

Like most everyone, I may be mad as Hell at the Republicans and what they did, but I’m disgusted with the Democrats. The Democrats control both houses of Congress and a very beefed up White House (what do you mean Obama’s still using signing statementsxv?), and they haven’t done a damn thing demanded of those with the smallest hint of decency. Yet they and their cheerleaders, I’m looking at you Arianna, are bothered that an Independent dares to question Bush? Doing nothing was bad enough, but now you side with the monsters.

All I’ve asked for is that fires in NY, where many people, including emergency personnel died, be investigated by the New York City Fire Departmentxvi. Somehow that’s too much. Governor Ventura was only asking why the media didn’t ask questionsxvii, when there are so many. I guess that the Huffington Post is a branch of government now, and above questioning.

Finally conspiracies don’t exist, just ask Julius Caesarxviii.

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You Can’t Shop Your Way Green

You can’t shop your way GREEN.



There’s a strange notion out there. An idea that is just absurd. There’s a belief that you can shop your way green. Many people ascribe to it. More come to accept it day by day. Any reflection on the notion though shows that it just can’t be. Any study of history will show that the consumer contentment centers are using the green idea as just another scam.

You may feel that that new car is just so much greener than some other car. After all it’s a hybrid. It gets so much better mileage. It has to be greener. It’s not. As a rule any old car that runs is greener than any new car. The energy production cost alone makes that the case. Maybe you’re one of the few people that was either poor enough or principled enough to be driving some old clunker until it just couldn’t go anymore. Then you hit the lottery. You need transportation, and it is a need contrary to the propaganda. Since you have the cash, and because few things are as ungreen as banks, you buy a car. Buy. Not lease or get on installments. Buy. On the surface a hybrid looks good, as long as you don’t look too close at the fact that the batteries were made in Mexico. Why should that matter? They’re made in Mexico for the lack of environmental regulations.

Why do we have environmental regulations? Because the greens who came before tried to make things better for everyone. They realized that individual efforts were laudable but impractical. Biking to work everyday may be great for the environment and yourself, but it ultimately achieves nothing in comparison to forcing the car companies to add a a single extra mile to the mileage requirements of new cars. Or forcing battery makers to meet some minimum standards with their toxic production and waste. The end result of that hybrid with Mexican batteries is that you’ve moved a small amount of well contained toxicity from local to a large, uncontained, amount abroad. Bonus we now get to ship things further.

Of course the point is moot. Needing a car one could always just get a diesel in the first place. They get better mileage than hybrids anyways. They are significantly less complicated than hybrids. While a five year, “Which is going to harm the planet least?” query will show the hybrid on top, a slightly longer look will force one to look at the battery replacement.

If you’ve found a battery source that you’re comfortable with to handle the hybrid’s replacement needs, why not just convert an old car to electric yourself. Use the electric for short trips, and a diesel for long. Buy as much of the materials you need to make that happen from your fellow individuals as possible.

You worry about replacing the little insignificant light bulbs in your house with toxic mercury bulbs to shave a tiny bit off the energy baseline, when the car dealers are running huge overhead halogens every night to light up their sales lots to the point of daylight. Why do they do it? To sell you a car. Don’t buy the car. It’s just that simple.

You hear, “If everyone just switched to CFL’s we’d save xxxx energy over the year.” Would we? Would we really? True there’s an energy savings of watts per lumen, but again that’s not the whole story. It doesn’t cover the energy per bulb cost of production. Most of the CFL are not actually that cheap, they’re subsidized. Take a look at the box and you will see that a not insignificant portion is being subsidized by two sources; your local energy subsidiary and a large war mongering multi-national. That of course means that you’re paying for the bulb’s true cost either way with the energy company. Subsidized of course means that it’s hidden in the junk charges on your bill. The war mongering multi-national of course makes their real money from war. Duh. Why would they subsidize something green then? One: it’s their product. Two: it gives them a “friendly” thing to show on TV when they are applying for more contracts, to make more weapons, to kill more brown people, to steal more natural resources, to make more products for you. If you give a multinational a contract . . .

Of course with CFL’s there’s an extra hidden cost. The one no one talks about. In CFL’s that hidden cost is mercury. Mercury is like uranium. There is no such thing a a green amount of mercury. It may save “energy” over a tungsten filament while in the socket, but woe to you if you drop one, or your kid accidentally knocks a lamp over. Kids knocking lamps over? That would never happen, right? How do you now propose to clean up the hazardous materials mess in your home? That wasn’t just mercury that got released, which would be very bad, but instead it was mercury vapor. You’ve just released one of the most toxic neuro-toxins known to man inside your house, and in gas form for easy inhalation to boot!

None of that covers the production methods. Where were the CFL’s made? Did they have adequate safety measures for their handling of the mercury? How many accidental releases of vapor did they have last year? So which is better, electricity guzzling tungsten filament bulbs, or toxic compact fluorescents? I don’t know. I do know that neither shopping choice makes you greener.

I could go on and on, and I would, but I’m going to stop here with a few short things to think of. I brought up the war profiteers because nothing is more environmentally unfriendly to humans, animals and plants than war. Period. War is not green. I will leave the morality of a particular war to be discussed at a later date, but there is no denying the environmental devastation of any war. Vegetarianism is not necessarily more environmentally friendly than being an omnivore. Eating cattle raised on nearby scrub land, which can’t really be used for anything else, is not necessarily worse than eating fruit grown with rapidly depleting ancient aquifer water and flown half way round the world. Again the morality argument is separate.

We should be the change we want to see, but we shouldn’t be the new schmucks to make life greener (in the monetary sense) for those who would use our consciences to further rape the planet.

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The Cheney question no one will ask or President Cheney a question

President Cheney – a question, but just one.

A really little one. Alright I’m a nut that can be pigeonholed into just about any hate group you can think of; truther, life long liberal, Olbermann and Daily show watcher, tea drinker, Francophile (big word using French lover), sexual (gay) rights advocate, A.C.L.U. contributor, and PEACE promoter. I hereby swear before your God, whom I will now accept as my personal savior, that I will conform to all “right” thought in the most good-good fashion, to be defined only by Rush Limbaugh. I will do this of my own free will. I will not only do this but I will convince the rest of the vast left wing conspiracy to join me in shutting up and doing what we’re told. Not only that but we will use what remains of our nefarious powers to shut up the Libertarians too. We will come to every Republican meeting with the sole intention of shouting down the Ron Paul supporters. We will force Janeane Garofalo to flee the country and settle down in France. Keith Olbermann must now replace his Limbaugh denigrating clip with one of himself bouncing the same way, and end every show saying that water boarding is not torture but what those terrorists deserve. Hollywood will stop being liberal and represent the “real” values of America. They will push for an amendment to the constitution banning gays from marrying. We will tell all of the people we turned gay that they need to lead straight and true lives now, and if they’re going to continue being gay to stay the Hell out of the military. The A.C.L.U. will be banned as an organization as soon as they complete work on the burn a flag and spend life in prison bill. Abstinence only will not be open to debate, because all sex-ed along with evolution will be removed from all schools. I will petition the Pentagon that it’s only fitting that they rename Cheyenne Mountain Cheney Mountain, and that the Parks Department place the Great Decider in his proper place on Mount Rushmore. I will grant you a few interrogative boons before hand. I will not ask about any of the inconsistencies in the 9/11 report even though it pains me like enhanced interrogation. I will grant that only the highest level officials who were the most recalcitrant were ever water boarded. I will further grant that enhanced interrogation is not torture, even though every one of your supporters who has said that it’s not and gone through a tiny taste, has recanted the moment it started. I will grant that it was a legitimate attempt to protect the American people and not a calculated ploy to create justification for a war of aggression. I will grant you that it works and works much more effectively than simply talking to the terrorists. See, I didn’t say suspect. I’m trying, really, really trying hard to get with the program. In fact when I’m done with this I’m going to go get a hair cut and throw out my jeans. Now my question may very well ask for you to divulge confidential information that we, the American People, don’t know the answer to. I must reasonably assume that sense E.I. works, and works well that it’s in those reports you want declassified. As you’ve made it abundantly clear President “cough” Obama’s not to be trusted. He’s holding back on those reports and not taking action. That being the case, I must ask you to divulge this classified information. I know that you’re a man of law, so what I’m asking is pretty big, but I promise that not only will the bounty and eternal gratitude of a truly united gay and liberal free America be yours, but there will never be a jury in this land that will convict you of releasing classified information. Another bonus, the full might of the military/industrial complex will be at your disposal to stop pesky “torture” charges from other lands from interrupting your hunting. A great man like you needs to be able to relax after all. Just remember that you should always hunt with a friend. As I said earlier, all of this can be yours. We just need one teeny tiny piece of information. Information that I’m sure you wrung out of those no good bastard terrorists who totally deserved what they got. I know that there are millions of Americans who can take care of our shared little “problem”, on their own dime, if you but tell us what we need to know. On behalf of the liberals, libertarians, truthers and every other undesirable you can think of, I promise that all of these riches will be yours, for the low, low price of the answer to the following question. Where’s Bin Laden?

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Catching up

Trying to catch up with things. I’ve been mostly out of commission for more than a month now. The trip from Indiana to Nevada was pure Hell. A tale that I will fully explain in another post. When the trip was finally done the next page started. Things are still not settled. Not even close. Posting this piece on a borrowed computer over someone else’s web account. I actually have a couple of things lined up writing wise, but as I don’t know when I will be up on my own equipment yet, I’ll have to defer as to when I can give you something useful.  If I can’t give you real work next week I’ll try another update, ciao.

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Bart Simpson – Prognosticator

Thanks to Minion Zero for bringing this to my attention with

So called Christians are rounding up people with guns and telling them, “Hey you want your kid to go hungry for Thanksgiving? Give us your guns and you and your family can have a meal.”

This sounds an awful lot like The Simpsons prognosticating again. Bart, “I wonder if their going to show the time where they traded their guns to Indians for corn. And then the Indians shot them and took the corn.”

I’m not a fan of gun culture. In a perfect society citizens wouldn’t have guns. Of course, in a perfect society neither would the police. Of course there would be no police or military, either. So that’s moot.

What is the need to take guns away from people, except for perhaps to take their food? Don’t believe it, check out wherein we find government officials confiscating food. Pointing automatic weapons at the heads of toddlers for nine hours.

When you factor in readiness exercises, where the Army, et al, are trained to ignore the pleas of people who say, “But I’m an American. My babies are hungry.” Add in Henry Kissinger’s view that food is a weapon, and you’ve got some seriously bad things a brewing.

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errata 12/5/8

Questions, the greatest bane of those who would rule.

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Benadrit’s Blog

Of course conspiracies don’t exist in the halls of power. Just ask Julius Caesar.

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