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Bart Simpson – Prognosticator

Thanks to Minion Zero for bringing this to my attention with

So called Christians are rounding up people with guns and telling them, “Hey you want your kid to go hungry for Thanksgiving? Give us your guns and you and your family can have a meal.”

This sounds an awful lot like The Simpsons prognosticating again. Bart, “I wonder if their going to show the time where they traded their guns to Indians for corn. And then the Indians shot them and took the corn.”

I’m not a fan of gun culture. In a perfect society citizens wouldn’t have guns. Of course, in a perfect society neither would the police. Of course there would be no police or military, either. So that’s moot.

What is the need to take guns away from people, except for perhaps to take their food? Don’t believe it, check out wherein we find government officials confiscating food. Pointing automatic weapons at the heads of toddlers for nine hours.

When you factor in readiness exercises, where the Army, et al, are trained to ignore the pleas of people who say, “But I’m an American. My babies are hungry.” Add in Henry Kissinger’s view that food is a weapon, and you’ve got some seriously bad things a brewing.


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Of course conspiracies don’t exist in the halls of power. Just ask Julius Caesar.

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