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Robbing Peter to Rob Paul

If you think that its robbing Peter to pay Paul you are a poor person. The seven trillion, some say over eight trillion, now, dollars being handed over to the banksters is to help them to rob you better. They will use the money and are using the money to buy up banks they couldn’t get before for any price at fire sale prices.

A family tale of three children and their parents. The first Morgan, has ten dollars and owes his brother Peter ten dollars. Peter has zero dollars and is owed ten each by both Morgan and Paul. Paul owes nothing to Morgan but ten to Peter and has no cash. Paul is the only one with a job.

It all starts when Morgan goes to Peter and says, “Look I know I owe you ten, and you’re not going to make it without it, but I only have ten myself. How about I give you five, and then Paul can pay me back the ten when he gets paid?”

“But then you’d get twice as much!”

“Yeah but that’s in the future. You need money now, and you know Paul won’t have any for awhile.”

“Well then how about you give me some of the money you owe me.”

“I can’t do that. It’s all tied up, unless of course you want to make a deal. For some of Paul’s future money I can move things around. So is it a deal?”

“Well, I guess I have to. Okay, we have a deal.”

“Great. Here’s your five.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I really needed ten, oh well.”

“Well I don’t have it, but how about I get the parental figure to give you five?”

“You’d do that?”

“Sure. You just say I don’t owe you anything anymore.”

“But you owe me ten!”

“Do you want some money now or do you want to wait until Paul pays me, and then I can pay you. It’s going to be a wait. Your choice.”

“Fine. Go get the money.”

“Here’s your five.”

“I thought you had to get the money?”

“Oh I do. I do and I will. In the meantime you hang on to all of the money, and I’ll go ask for some.”

Morgan comes to Mom and says, “We’re all in bad shape. We’re not going to make it to the end of the month. Can you help us out?”

Mom thinks about it and says, “We’ll since Paul has a job, how about if I give Paul five dollars? You give Peter half of what you owe him, five dollars, and Peter waits on Paul’s money until his paycheck. That way everyone has five dollars until the end of the month.”

“No. No. No. That will never work. I need ten to make it, and so does Peter.”

“What about Paul?”

“Him. Oh he’ll be fine. He has a job. Besides he has everything he needs until the end of the month, and if he doesn’t, Peter and I are right there. I’m sure we could scrounge up a quarter or something each to loan him, if it’s really desperate.”

“Isn’t it unfair to just give money to the two of you and nothing to him?”

“No, because if we hadn’t loaned Paul all of our money we’d have enough ourselves. So you see its all Paul’s fault. Okay how about you give the money Paul’s supposed to pay back to us now so we can make it.”

“Didn’t he borrow that money to buy some boots for work?”

“Well if he’d made due with the old ones a little longer none of us would be in this mess. It’s all his fault.”

“Okay how about I give you and Peter the money Paul owes you for the boots, then everyone can be happy.”

“How’s that fair? He’d get new boots and all we’d get is our money back.”

“Oh. Alright. I’ll give you and Peter the money back for the boots.”


“And Paul still has to pay you. Here’s yours and your brother’s money, but it’s all I have. So no more. Something still doesn’t seem quite fair.”

“Of course it’s fair. Peter and I got our money back, and Paul got new boots. Everyone’s happy.”

“I suppose, it still seems off somehow though.”

“You’re imagining things.”

Paul comes home from work and says, “Hey Peter I snapped one my bootlaces, can you spare me a buck until payday?”

Peter, “No can do bro. Everything I’ve got is tied up. I’m out of the money lending business. I had to sell your debt to Morgan for half price so I could make it. Maybe you can go to Mom and Dad.”

Morgan, “Nope I talked to them already. They’re all tapped out, from covering the boot fiasco.”

“The boot fiasco?”

“Yeah. If you hadn’t bought the boots, then Peter and I wouldn’t have had to lend you our money. Then Mom and Dad wouldn’t have had to pay for your bad debt.”

“Bad debt? I needed it for work. You know that. What am I supposed to until the end of the month?”

“That’s your problem. I mean I’ve got twenty dollars now, but you seem like a risk to me. I mean you never paid me the twenty you already owe me.”

“Owe you. I only owe you ten. I owe Peter ten, but that’s still only ten to you.”

“Yes, but Peter sold me the ten you owed him, so now you owe me twenty for your oh so precious boots. You can’t ask Mom and Dad for more because their tapped out.”

“You said that you have twenty. Where’d you get it? You don’t have a job, and you already “bought up” all of the “debt” I owed Peter at half off. So where’d you get the money?”

“Mom and Dad gave ten to Peter and ten to me to cover you boot loan.”

Peter, “Wait a second. I didn’t get any money from Mom and Dad.”

“Of course not. Paul didn’t owe you anything anymore. He owed and still owes me only.”

“But if you got money from Mom and Dad for it, Why should I still have to pay you? After all you already got you money back.”

“I did get my money back, but it wasn’t from you. You have to pay your debts. You can’t rely on Mom and Dad to bail you out all the time. You can’t be going and asking them for yet another dollar for bootlaces. My God man, stand on your own two feet. You don’t want to be some sort of welfare case do you?”

“But I do work. What about you and Peter?”

“Oh I have money. Peter may have been able to get by on the extra dollar you’d give him for loaning you money, but he doesn’t have the funds to loan anymore. I guess he’s going to need to get a job like you, and start standing on his own two feet. We wouldn’t want him to go begging to Mom and Dad for a handout all the time.”

Peter, “Do you think you can get me a job at your work, Paul?”

“Yeah I suppose, but it’d wipe out any chance of either of us getting over time.”

“Yeah, but I’m going to need something. I mean I’m okay now, but it’ll only last through the end of the month, and then what?”

“I know what you mean. What are you going to do for boots. You know they’re twenty bucks.

“Well I have ten, but Morgan cheated me out of the other ten he owed me, and he didn’t give me any of the money from Mom and Dad like he was supposed to.”

“They gave it to everyone owed money from Paul. Paul didn’t owe you any money. So boo-hoo, but just to show that there’s no hard feelings. I’ll loan you the other ten you need for a pair of boots.”

“What am I supposed to do for things like lunches for the rest of the month?”

“Skip them. You could due with a little belt tightening. You’ve been getting soft. Do you want the money or not?”

“Fine I guess I’ll take the money.”

“Here you go. By the way, Paul, what with you being unable to get a loan from Peter anymore, and no free bootlaces from Mom and Dad, I think that instead of you paying a dollar interest for a ten dollar loan, you’ll need to start paying me two dollars for a ten dollar loan.”

“Fine I guess I’ll just pay you the twenty-two I owe you. Even though I don’t think its fair. That plus the buck for my laces is going to wipe out the twenty-three I make, but at least I’ll be done with you.”

“No you owe me twenty-four.”

“But that’s not fair. You said a dollar a month.”

“No what I said was that since everyone else is charging a dollar a month, I would charge what the market would bare. Since there is no longer competition, the market will bare twenty percent, and if you don’t pay it all back I’m going to have to charge you interest on the interest.”

“I’ll tell Mom and Dad.”

“Go ahead.”

“Dad. You shouldn’t have given our last twenty to the boys. How are we going to pay for gas for the car?”

“I don’t know honey. I’m sorry. Everything’s tight for them too.”

Morgan, “I heard. Here I can get by. You two need it. I’ll loan you the ten back.”

“Umm, that’s a nice sentiment son, but didn’t we just give you this ten. Couldn’t you just help the family out?”

“You gave me that money. It’s mine. I thought I would be nice and loan it to you. After all I can’t do anything until you pay it back. I have to make do on nothing. Everyone’s scrimping.”

“Alright. Alright son. We do need the money, and I guess its yours. We’ll pay you back, plus interest.”

“Thanks. Here’s the ten. It’s just not fair that everyone else get something and I get nothing.”

“I suppose.”

Peter, and Paul come to complain. Paul starts, “Mom. Dad. Morgan’s cheating Peter and me! And being mean to us.”

“That’s not true. I helped them both buy boots, and I gave you ten dollars to Dad.”

“Is that what happened boys?”

“Sort of but he’s cheating us.”

“Sort of? Did he or did he not loan you both money for boots?”

“Yes but. . .”

“I don’t want to hear but! The two you need to pay your brother back. I’m paying him back, you can pay him back.”

Start         Cash  Owes   Is Owed        Ends Cash Owes Is Owed Net Difference

Morgan      $10    $11     $0                         $10    $0     $66          $65

Peter            $0      $0    $22                        $20   $24     $0          -$42

Paul             $0     $22     $0                        -$1   $24     $0          -$3

Mom&Dad   $20       $0     $0                        $10   $12     $0          -$22

Pay attention to the fact here that Morgan did nothing. He is not only out no money, but while he touched his cash, briefly it was never in danger. It’s all still there. Somehow he’s made himself not only sixty-five dollars richer, without him actually doing anything, but all of the same money everyone started with is there. It’s just all his now, plus they get to pay him for the privilege of giving the family back its own money. To top things off, Paul never got the dollar he needed for bootlaces, and now Peter who’d been getting by without a real job will have to get one just to maintain equilibrium. This is just one of the many scams being perpetrated by the money men.

Writer’s note: Sorry to have make the government into Mom and Dad, but I’m not talented enough to pull off this tale without that crutch. They certainly shouldn’t be, but that’s the role they take, and as ultimately the belt resides in the hands of the government, it is the reality we live with.

ps. We can yell until we’re blue in the face to Mom and Dad about this, but is the belt going to be used on the cheating little weasel, or the kids who won’t shut up about being cheated. I’m sure that your flesh and blood parents never would have been anything but completely fair. Of course the government takes complaints by its owners seriously, and is even better than someone who loves you. After all they’re from the government and they’re here to help.


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